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Leather Balm is a all-natural combination of oils and waxes designed to moisturize and seal vegetable tanned leather.  This thick balm goes on smooth and can be polished to a great shine.  As the saying goes in Texas "fungus is among us" we wanted to formulate a leather conditioner that would inhibt fungal growth and repel bugs, but in a completly natural way.  This balm is formulated with neem oil which is a natural plant oil that is also anti-fungal and wards of insects, combined with a blend of essential oils that also support the same function.  It also contains purified lanolin and local beeswax , natural waxes that help to condition and seal the pores in leather to keep it conditioned.  Coconut, olive, hemp and castor are all vegetable sourced oils that penetrate the leather to condition below the surface and keep your leather supple. 

Our Leather Balm is packaged in a 2 oz., screw-top, recyclable aluminum tin.

The Legal Stuff:  Please note that this product is for external use only and cannot be ingested.  This product contains hemp seed oil, but no THC or CBD in here.  

Leather Balm

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