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Mineral rich clay masks are blended with botanical extracts and silk protein to nourish your face.  Each mask is made with a specific clay base to Purify, Tone, or Clarify your skin. 

Purifying Clay Mask:

Designed to reduce oily skin & blemishes. Combines the powerful detoxifying and oil absorbing effect of French green clay with cooling antioxidant cucumber, astringent willow bark, and protective chia seed.


Clarifying Clay Mask:

Designed to even skin tone, deep clean pores and revitalize skin. 

Multiani Mitti clay will fade sunspots and draw impurities.  Green tea is a powerful antioxidant,  licorice root  is very soothing, and the silk  proteins hydrate and improve skin texture. 


Toning Clay Mask:

Designed for sensitive skin to hydrate, tone and smooth fine lines

French Pink clay is wonderful for delicate skin and is loaded with nutrients and minerals to tone, hydrate and feed skin as well as silk proteins and botanicals to promote elasticity and skin nourishment.


Each packet holds 1 oz of dry clay blend.  All you do is add water (or aloe juice, or witch hazel etc.) and mix to hydrate.  There is enough clay to make approximately 2 full face masks in each packet, and the preferred consistency for most users is pudding-like.  Apply to your face avoiding eyes and interior of nose, and let dry completly, then rinse with tepid water. 


As with any skin product, please test on a small area first before applying to entire face, each individual is different and may react differently to mineral or botanical ingredients.   When you have finished applying the clay, use immediately or dispose of any remainder of the wet mix. 


Clay Facial Mask

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