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Beard oil is the secret to keeping your manly beard soft and under control while also keeping the skin under all that hair itch and "beardruff" free.  This beard oil is a blend of oils of argon, jojoba, apricot kernel oil, abyssinan oil,  castor oil and vitamin E.  All selected to nourish and condition your skin and hair.   The listing is for (1) 1 oz. green glass dropper bottle in the fragrance of your choice.  Fragrances are listed below.


Tobacco and Rum: Classic manly scent, sweet rum blended with base of fine cigars.  If you like vintage men's cologne, you may prefer this one.  Blended with a light touch so those next to you can smell it, but you aren't going to scent a room.

Bergamot and Oakmoss:  light citrus top notes