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The moisturizing power of goat milk in a rich and luxiourious lotion.  Our goat milk lotion is scratch-made with mango butter, avocado oil, Absynian oil, argan oil, and of course, goat milk.   It was developed to be extra moisturizing for dry skin and comes in three fragrance choices.  8 oz. bottle


Lavender, Woods and Honey is a fantastic blend of lavender, brightened with a hint of citrus, a touch of woods, and a dollop of honey.  It's amazingly unisex as the lavender is so well balanced by the woods and citrus. 


Orange Blossom and Thyme is a delicate floral balanced by the fresh green fragrance of thyme.  Wonderfully light and refreshing.


Coconut and Sandalwood is a lovely blend of light coconut fragrance with rich sandalwood.   A delicious combination!





Goat Milk Lotion - Wholesale

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